Flower delivery

Main provisions

  1. The moment when the Customer confirms making an order pressing the button ‘Please, press it if You read the terms and conditions and You are agree that Your order will be carried out in accordance with a Company service’ is suggested as the moment of making a real Agreement. The actual consumption of company’s services means the Customer’s acceptance the provisions of Public Agreement.

  2. Taking orders.

    2.1. We take the orders via the web-site Royalflora.net or using any other means of communication represented on our web-site. All the information (prices, assortment etc.) is and always stays topical.

    The order is considered to be completed correctly when the Customer gave his contact information and filled all the mandatory lines concerning Recipient.

    2.3. Correctly completed Customer’s order is accepted for processing, carrying out and delivering only after 100% prepayment of the cost of the order.

    2.3.1. If the Customer hasn’t made a full prepayment 3 hours before the moment of delivery, the order is going to be cancelled or postponed according to the arrangement with the Customer. In case when the Company cannot contact with the Customer not through Company’s fault (meaning inaction), the order is going to be cancelled without any arrangements with the Customer. In case of only partial prepayment, the order is going to be suspended until full payment is made.

    2.3.2. In case when the Customer is unable for some reasons or cannot make the payment in time - the possibility and the order executing should be discussed with the Company’s manager individually.

    2.4. Phone number of Recipient is required while taking, processing and executing the order. Company’s employee will contact Recipient in case of extreme need (if the opposite is not inquired by the Customer).

    2.5. Natural flowers are the mandatory part of the order. Orders that don’t comprise natural flowers products are not accepted; those that were taken by mistake should be cancelled (with a refund if the order has been already paid). In exceptional cases, orders that don’t comprise natural flowers products can be carried out after the conciliation with a manager.

    2.6. Fully completed and taken for carrying out is the order with status "paid".

  3. Order processing.

    3.1. Each order is conferred on a certain status that indicates the phase of processing or carrying out the order at the moment.

    3.2. Order statuses change at operational time. For example, the delivery time is 9 p.m., 21 October, 2010; the Customer can clarify the order status on 22 October, 2010, since 9 a.m. Due to the large amount of work to be done on February, 14 and March, 8 the order statuses change during the next 48 hours after the date of its carrying out.

    3.3. We compose the order a few hours right before the delivery time, indicated by customer if it is made in a right way, paid and took into a process. (look 2.6).

    3.4.Customer may change any information concerning the order before the moment of composing (look 3.3) by consulting the company. Changes in order come into force only after written approval by company.

    3.5. Order fulfillment can be suspended if the customer gave not full or incorrect information about the receiver. Order will be taken into process only after approval of new data by the company during its operating time.

  4. Orders fulfillment.

    4.1.Delivery of flowers and gifts is being made throughout Ukraine.

    4.2.Delivery of flowers is being made to any place, specified by the Customer: home, restaurant, hospital, etc.

    4.3.We deliver flowers in time intervals (look 4.4) from 7.00 am to 08.00 pm every day.

    4.4. Orders are being delivered in time intervals. The minimum interval is one hour. Flowers delivery ordered can be executed not earlier than in 3 hours after the order made. The orders ‘for today’ can be accepted only at operational time.

    4.5. In case the Recipient is absent upon courier’s arrival on time specified by the Customer, the order is being delivered to cohabitant or neighbours (friends, people next door) with a purpose of its further delivery to the Recipient.

    4.6. In case upon courier’s arrival he found out the address specified by the Customer to be incorrect (number of house, apartments or street is incorrect or the Recipient has never lived on the specified address) the order is considered to be executed properly. The additional delivery to a new address in the same city is possible for additional charge. If the Customer refuses the delivery to a new address, payment for the order cannot be refunded.

    4.7 The Company reserves the right to phone the recipient in case of emergency.

  5. If the order is not executed properly due to the Company’s fault, the Customer can demand a compensation or the order can be executed as soon as possible after the conciliation with the Customer. The compensation may not exceed the cost of order.

  6. The Company is not responsible for direct or indirect damages/losses (including moral) that can be caused as a result of proper and punctual executing of order (Recipient’s allergy on flowers, food (if it is a part of order), Customer’s and Recipient’s quarrel concerning the order, etc).

  7. Company assumes no responsibility for breaching the terms of the agreement or setting additional fees by payment gateway used by the customer while paying for the order.

  8. The Agreement between the Company and the Customer comes into action since its signing and lasts till the executing of order. The moment of executing the order is a moment of delivery of ordered products to its Recipient.

  9. The Company works in the framework of Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Quality Policy, that are the integral parts of this Agreement.

  10. The Company has the right to change any information presented on its web-site without prior notice which comes into force upon its publication on the web-page.

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